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Meet Tiffani Cappello CHt, NLP, CLC

Hi! I’m Tiffani and I know what it feels like to be stuck….

I spent many years struggling with depression and an anxiety disorder that was dominating my life and damaging my health.  I had suffered many traumatic experiences throughout my life, including the death of my own child and 5 years of debilitating chronic illness. As a result, I felt defeated by life and wound up believing many things about myself and the world that were disempowering  to me. The beliefs I developed in the past were now haunting my future and preventing me from living a happy and healthy life. 

Believing I was unlovable and inherently defective took my life in all sorts of painful directions. I got married and subsequently divorced. I spent 15 years in a fundamentalist religious cult that taught me I was born a defective sinner and, as a woman, I was inferior and subservient to men. After my divorce I dated men that were addicts and abusers. 

After leaving the religious cult, I realized just how truly impactful our beliefs can be. I began to not only question the oppressive religious dogma I had once embraced, but I began to take a good hard look at all of my beliefs. I started a journey of personal development that began with reading self-help books and ended with hypnosis. 

In the early part of my journey, I was trying so hard to change myself. I tried about 5 different therapists in the course of my life. The problem I ran into with the traditional psychotherapeutic model was that the more I focused on my problems in therapy, the more those thinking patterns seemed to entrench deeper into my brain. The more I focused on my trauma, endlessly talking about it in each therapy session, the more I felt like a helpless victim who was incapable of change. Out of the 5 therapists I saw, only 1 actually gave me tools to use to help me with my anxiety and lack of confidence, but most of those tools were not very effective at producing lasting change in my life. 

I decided to take things into my own hands. I spent hours every week reading books by the leaders in the personal development and positive psychology movements.. I was on the right track. I knew I needed to change my beliefs in order for my life to change, but my mind always defaulted back to old, toxic belief patterns. Despite my best efforts I was making progress – but it was slow. It had taken me years to get significant victory over my anxiety and get my physical health on track. I had even received my Life Coaching certification and had become a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Health Coach. I was helping my clients to make better lifestyle choices and improve their health. But in the meantime, I continued to suffer from residual anxieties and low self-confidence. As a result, I was making lifestyle and relationship choices that were not in my best interest. 

I honestly didn’t think I would ever lead a normal, happy life.

Then I had one of those epiphany moments that changed my life forever….

At a weekend personal development retreat, I learned that my issues were rooted deeply in my subconscious mind. Everything the conference leaders said made sense and I suddenly had a clear picture of why I was struggling so badly to change the thinking patterns that were ruining my life. But when I approached those leaders asking for techniques and practices that would impact my mindset on a subconscious level, I was told to read, meditate, and attend conferences and the slow trickle from those activities would result in change over time. The problem is that I was already exhausted and as a single mom with 6 children who was attending college full time – how was I going to find 2 hours a day to visualize and meditate. I really believed there had to be a better, more effective method of transforming my subconscious thought processes.

I began doing research on how I could change my mindset subconsciously to achieve permanent, lasting change. It was then that I heard about hypnosis. I devoured books, YouTube videos and webinars on how powerful hypnosis was at helping people overcome issues. I discovered that research strongly demonstrated the efficacy of hypnosis for creating lasting change in a person’s life. 

Part of the reason I was so motivated to do this research was because of my own persistent issues. Despite all my personal development work, I still had some residual anxiety. I had so much I wanted to do in life and so much I wanted to achieve but I still lacked the confidence to forge ahead. I was afraid to take necessary steps in my life and career due to issues from my past that remained unhealed. My confidence level was not where it needed to be and I was holding back from moving forward in my life due to my lingering insecurities. 

I now began to prioritize my own emotional well-being! I began using hypnosis and NLP in my own life and I saw rapid, and lasting results. I was able to change long-standing and deeply rooted subconscious patterns in only a few short weeks. 

I started noticing the most dramatic shifts. I had massive shifts in my level of confidence. As time went on, the changes became even more apparent and the effects of my shift in mindset were causing a resultant change in how I was living my life. I am now truly enjoying life, knowing that I am a smart, capable, lovable woman who can accomplish anything I set my mind to. The scared insecure child within me who believed she was unlovable, defective and incapable has been healed and transformed. I feel confident I can learn anything, do anything, accomplish anything I set my mind to. And that is the greatest feeling ever! Confidence is built by successfully navigating life and challenges, so the results of these life changes are definitively cumulative. 

I was so impressed with how my life had completely transformed that I decided to leave my career in physical therapy to train in Transformational Hypnosis techniques and NLP. I sought out the best training in the world, studying in London with famed British therapist Marisa Peer in Rapid Transformational Therapy and then training further with many of the world’s most skilled instructors. I soon opened up my own practice and now I use Transformational Hypnosis in my online and in-person sessions and as part of my amazing 9 week program called A Transformed Life

I now have a thriving practice in Chesterland, Ohio where I serve clients from all over Northeast Ohio including Geauga, Lake, Summit, Cuyahoga, Trumbull and Ashtabula counties. In addition I offer online sessions in both the United States and internationally, working successfully with clients all over the world from Europe to Africa.

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