Is My Anxiety My Fault?


It always amazed me when I was struggling with anxiety, that there were so many people who really thought they had the solution. The problem is that these people did not struggle with anxiety, so they really could not understand the problem I was facing, nor the solution I needed.

I often got blamed for my anxious struggles, and I was told things like….

Just trust God.

Think positive. 

Here… Read this book! 

You really don’t want to recover.

Just smoke some weed. 

Take this supplement.

I was already trying to think positive. I had read dozens of books. My life is miserable, so of course I wanted to recover. I wasn’t interested in smoking weed, and I tried handfuls of supplements. 

I felt judged… Like nobody really understood how hard I was trying. 

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY chooses to struggle with anxiety. No one wakes up in the morning and makes a conscious decision to develop a chronic anxiety disorder. 

Your anxiety is absolutely not your fault. It is the result of subconscious processes that were set in motion by triggering events from your past.

Reframing and neutralizing those events on a subconscious level… That is what brings true freedom. 

I had extremely severe anxiety. Literally I was terrified to drive my car or leave my house. And yet I live in freedom today. 

And I know you can too

So you are absolutely not to blame for your anxiety, but now it is time to take personal responsibility for resolving your anxiety on a subconscious level. 

There’s certainly more than one way to impact the subconscious mind, but the best way is with Hypnosis. I hope you will take the time to learn about Hypnosis today. There are many wonderful videos on my channel and I am working hard to put up more videos to help you overcome anxiety and find freedom.

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