You will find so much peace when you finally realize that there’s nothing you  actually need to be happy. It’s that point in life when you realize that material things don’t matter all that much.

You lose your desire for the expensive car, the big house, the fancy clothes, and the expensive vacations. And you realize that you could be happy with less. In fact, you start to desire less.

The world of consumerism seems shallow and unappealing and you realize that the true joy of life is found in the things that are free.

– Loving relationships
– The beauty of the natural world
– The satisfaction that comes after a day of hard work
– Eating food that you grew yourself
– The smile of a happy child
– The feeling of knowing you made a difference in even only one person’s life today

The more I value these things… the less material things I even want or care about.

Coming to this place of nonattachment is great FREEDOM. When you stop believing that you need to be surrounded by material things to be happy, you wake up from the illusion.

Because whatever you value that highly…you fear to lose. Whatever you think you can’t live without…will have power over you.

It’s funny, because I have never really studied the principle of nonattachment. As matter fact, if you are interested in learning more about it… Try to find a good book. Not a whole lot out there!

It’s just something that has come over the years for me. The older I get the more I adopt minimalism. At this point in my life, I could fit everything I own in my bedroom and I’ve never felt more free. Well, OK… I’m not gonna fit my car in my bedroom. Lol

The less I have to buy, clean, maintain, and shift around to make room for more things… The more I have time for the things that truly matter.

It has brought me such a deep sense of peace to know that I really don’t need much to be happy. Now there’s nothing wrong with having a nice car or a big house if you’ve earned it – preferably not stepping on others on your way to prosperity.

I don’t think minimalism makes me spiritually superior. But… It makes me freer.

Because I realize that I could live in a tent and be happy. All I really want in this world are the people I love, food that’s nutritious, nature, and the freedom to be me.

I see so many people who struggle with anxiety, because they believe a lie… I can’t be happy until I get A, B, or C – and then they make a list of what they must have to be happy.

I’d like to suggest to you that you won’t be happy when you get these things. Because the marketing experts are always breathing down your back telling you, you need more and more and more… A better partner, a bigger house to fit all those things you never even actually use, the latest vehicle, a more powerful computer, a higher income so you could buy more things that will never make you happy, etc.

The unsatisfied mind is seldom content

If you look around you… how many of the material things you are surrounded to have actually brought you happiness?

Now compare that with the things that are free… sex with someone who loves you deeply, the birth of your child, giving to someone in need without expecting anything back, walking through the cool woods on a hot summer day, looking at something you’ve created yourself and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

These are the joys that have existed for humanity from time immemorial. And they are still the only things that bring us true