Rediscovering Life’s Simple Joys

Rediscovering Life's Simple Joys

This coronavirus crisis has caused me to do a lot of self reflection. And out of these times of deep reflection often springs new understanding.. And that new understanding gives birth to even deeper things- of priceless value.

So this morning I wrote this poem – a summation of my realizations, which are just the discovery of things I already knew, but had forgotten.

Even though it does not rhyme, and might violate several rules of good poetry writing, I am quite proud of it anyway. Which is a symbol of my growth – that I could be proud of anything that I’ve done. Because there was a day in which I viewed that’s sort of satisfaction with myself as unwarranted and undeserved. Growth is so freeing…



Rediscover the simple joys

We have been missing out on,

That we have forgotten…

While we were out rushing

Blindly, frantically through our days-

Mistaking accomplishment for success.

Rediscover the real value, 

Of human touch and connection,

With a warm smile generously given, 

In the face of vulnerability 

When fear is expressed, 

And pain rises to the surface for healing.

Rediscover the truth that frees us, 

From  delusions of grandeur, 

And the mistaken belief, 

That true joy arises out of the external,

The world beyond what is Here, 

Outside of what is Now.

Rediscover the lessons,

That uncertainty have to teach us,

When we are faced with,

The brevity of life

The impermanence of our existence,

And the true value of each day. 

Rediscover who you are,

At the very core of your being,

Where are the essence resides, 

And you will discover the truth, 

That you already possessed, 

That which you have been seeking all along 

Tiffani Cappello 

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