Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing

I am going to tell you a shocking truth….

Your emotional pain is actually a blessing .

Pain is a gift, an asset, a message from your mind to you. Just like physical pain alerts us to the need to address something that has gone wrong in the body, emotional pain exists to address something gone wrong in your mind or a place in your heart and life that needs healing. An unhealed wound that requires you care and compassion

Emotional pain is an indicator of 3 possible things:

1. Pain an indicator that you have wounds from the past that have not healed. If you find yourself being repeatedly triggered in your relationships or by situations that remind you of past trauma or past negative circumstances, this can really weaken you and prevent you from creating the kind of future and relationships that will bring you joy.

2. Pain is an indicator that you are believing something about yourself and the world that is limiting, toxic and disempowering. The pain is not the problem, it is a symptom that alerts you to the fact that something is wrong in your belief system and that belief is aggravating your mind by causing fear or hopelessness. The belief that you are not lovable or deserving of love is a perfect example. This belief will cause intense and repeated emotional pain Instinctually your mind wants to rid itself of this harmful, erroneous belief, so you will find yourself in a state of emotional pain when that belief is triggered by life events – until you change that belief and realize the truth about yourself.

3. Pain is a natural and an indicator that you have suffered a painful loss. The pain of grief is a normal, healthy and unavoidable part of the human experience. We can learn to navigate through our grief successfully and in such a way that we learn, grow, and come out the other end of it stronger than we were before. Grief is a process that comes to resolution with time and a proper mindset. If you are still struggling with intense states of grief over losses that occurred years ago, the emotional pain you are struggling with is now an indication that your mindset surrounding your experience of loss needs addressed.

So what happens when we try to run from, distract ourselves, or drown out the pain indicators in our life?

The message, the pain, will be send over and over, begging us to listen and address the issues that lie beneath the surface of your life. Sometimes our emotional pain will even manifest itself as physical pain and even chronic health issues.

Alcohol, weed, spending hours watching television or surfing the internet, sex, gambling – all can be attempts to self-medicate our pain away because we don;t know what to do about it or we are afraid to face painful realities or do the work involved in creating true life change.

The first step in transforming emotional pain is to stop trying to distract yourself or numb you pain away. Thank your mind for sending your this message that something in your life needs to change and then take action steps to make those changes.

Get the support and help you need to discover what is at the root of pain that keeps continually resurfacing in your life. Deal with and eradicate the illusory thoughts and beliefs that are draining you of the energy you need to truly LIVE.

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