You CAN Beat Anxiety!

[FOR APPROVA] You CAN Beat Anxiety!

I struggled for decades with debilitating anxiety, and I didn’t need to. It frustrates me to think back on all the suffering I went through and the energy I wasted just floundering around in survival mode when I could have been setting goals and moving forward in life. 

But I didn’t know….

And what I didn’t know was keeping me trapped in my anxiety. 

And what is worse is that I had been lied to by others and those lies were preventing me from finding the solutions that I needed to find my way out of the internal chaos that was ruining my life. 

So this Monday, I want to check in with each of you to make sure that you are not being told the same lies I was. It was not until I recognized that I was not being told the truth that I was able to set myself free from the endless cycles of anxiety that kept spiraling through my life and robbing me of my freedom. 

There is a message that people with anxiety are constantly being told that is blatantly false. This message is told by people that believe it themselves and they innocently keep promulgating this erroneous message.

It has many faces… but it is the same lie told in many ways.

THE LIE – It is difficult to recover from anxiety. 

You may have been told:

– You have so much trauma that you are incredibly broken.

– Your brain is not functioning properly.

– Your neurochemistry is off. 

– Your anxiety is genetic. 

– You will require years of expensive therapy to recover. 

– You have an incurable mental health disorder. 

Now I assure you, most of the people who tell you this lie believe it themselves. Perhaps that has been their experience. Or maybe that is what they were taught at colleges funded by pharmaceutical companies. 

Regardless, these lies make you feel like you are somehow uniquely defective and they trap you in a state of hopelessness. They make you feel like a victim, like a cornered animal with no hope of escape. And that is when the depression sets in – at least it did for me. 

My anxiety was so incredibly miserable and every day I suffered was one day to many. I was in my mid 30’s with 4 small children when my anxiety as at its worse and I am sad to say, I just did not have the energy to be the mom I wanted to be. I was in pure survival mode!

This is the reason I am so passionate about helping others to recover from anxiety. But to recover, you first need to recognize the TRUTH that YOU CAN RECOVER. And you don’t need to go on for the next 5 years clawing your way out of the pit. 

When you eliminate anxiety where it originates…. within the subconscious mind….anxiety stops. When you replace anxious thoughts with empowering thought, you feel better. 

It is that simple!

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