SET YOURSELF FREE From Anxiety, Stress, and Overwhelm By Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind!

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My unique self-paced program
"A Transformed Life" will teach you subconscious tools and techniques that will create permanent, lasting change in your life.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life In Only 9 Short Weeks?

What Other Students Are Saying...

Tina C.

"The Core Life Principles have transformed my world. I no longer have to deal with anxiety that made it difficult for me to focus on living."

Jenna D.

"I finally have the confidence to face my fears and move forward in my career."

Rachel W.

"My life has totally changed."

I understand....

I know what it is like to feel frustrated and hopeless.

I have faced incredible adversity in my past that left me feeling helpless, defeated, and lacking in the confidence I needed to change my life and achieve my goals.

I had tried just about everything to heal from my past and create a happy life. Still... I struggled.

I had endured a traumatic childhood that left me feeling broken. I was grieving the death of my 1st child. I had even spent 15 years in a religious cult where woman were oppressed and beaten down.

During that time, I had 10 pregnancies and 7 children while homeschooling my children and running a small farm. I developed a chronic illness that was accompanied by severe anxiety and depression. I knew if I did not do something... I would die. My future looked bleak and hopeless.

I had tried everything to overcome my issues, heal my past, and learn to be happy. I read countless books, attended therapy, and watched hours of YouTube self help videos. I was changing so slowly…meanwhile losing precious days of my life to continued misery.

Then I had one of those epiphany moments that changed my life forever….

At a weekend personal development retreat, I learned that my issues were rooted deeply in my subconscious mind. I suddenly had a clear picture of why I was struggling so badly to change the thinking patterns that were ruining my life. These habits of thought and behavior were locked into my subconscious mind!

You see, we are not born into this world with insecurities and hang-ups. They are programmed into our minds during our earlier years as a result of childhood experiences, criticisms, heartbreaks, rejections, and hardships.

Whenever you have a well-learned behavior, it has been hardwired into your brain. Now that’s great when it comes to positive behaviors like driving a car. Your subconscious mind does the driving and you are free to think about your upcoming vacation or what your making for dinner.

You see, your subconscious mind is actually in the driver’s seat of your life. This is why you try so hard to change and find it so difficult.

After I learned this, I became obsessed with learning to create change on a deep level. I soon discovered mindset tools and processes that created rapid, lasting, and permanent change in the subconscious mind. As I transformed my mindset, my whole life FINALLY began to change! I had removed what was blocking me and become truly happy!

And now I just wanted to help other women find freedom! I left my job in physical therapy to study Rapid Transformational Therapy and Hypnosis in London. I was fortunate to study under famed British therapist Marisa Peer.

Later, I learned Neurolinguistic Programming and other subconscious transformation techniques with Micheal Watson, one of the top NLP trainers in the US.

In 2019, I became one of Marisa Peer’s trusted RTT trainers and now I have the distinct privilege of working with her at LIVE and virtual training events and mentoring students who are learning her amazing, life-changing RTT process.

I feel blessed that I’ve found this new happiness and freedom and now….


That is why I have made this program so affordable. Every person should have access to healing and empowerment.


That is why I put everything I’ve learned about transforming the subconscious mind into this 9-week course “A Transformed Life” - to help women like YOU regain their lives back.

You have struggled long enough! Don't let your past rob you of your future.

It is time to heal on a subconscious level. It’s time to TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK! It is time to INVEST IN YOUR LIFE AND FUTURE You CAN make permanent, lasting changes in your life- starting today! Join my 9-week course TODAY and become part a a global community of women - helping each other heal, transform, and live the happy lives we were were meant to live.

The Best Part of This Program Is…

In this program, I’m Actually Going To Show YOU How To Tap Into YOUR OWN Subconscious Mind, So You Can Break Through Barriers You Didn’t Even Know Were Holding You Back.

Let Me Break Down All The Amazing Things You'll Get When You Join The Course Today!

The First Thing You’ll Get...


My step-by-step program that will teach you how to transform your own mindset yourself. So FINALLY you can heal and create a life you absolutely love. You will learn to tackle anything life throws at you with courage and confidence.

Unlike so many other programs out there, TWA is not a program designed to give you a naïve, blind optimism that will only lead to disillusionment and despair when you fail to "manifest your every desire" or "achieve your best life now". It is about facing the reality that your past might not have been what you had hoped, your present moment might be filled with struggles, and your future may seem uncertain. But you can rise above any challenge and build a life of purpose and passion.

You can finally stop dealing with roadblocks, set backs, and negative self sabotage and begin to step into your power to live your life without your past holding you back ever again. Inside, you’ll discover that the strategies I share with my students and clients that can get you results faster than any of the conscious change you have tried to institute in the past.

These are the same strategies I used to take my life from being a dirt-poor single mom of 6, with no job skills, to being a transformed and empowered woman with a thriving business and a legacy I am proud of.


The program comes with 11 powerful self-hypnosis, NLP, and transformational meditation audios that drive principles and concepts deep into the subconscious mind to create rapid, lasting change in your life. This is what makes the Transformed Women Academy Program so unique and powerful!


Designed to be used as a guidebook that you will use for the rest of your life. You will continue to implement the tools and techniques you have learned during the program for the rest of your life- BECAUSE THEY WORK!. The workbook will be an easy reference guide for the charts, mindset activities, and transformational techniques you learn, creating a road map of success that you will refer back to frequently as you navigate your future.


When you sign up for the Transformed Women Program, you become a part of a thriving community of women committed to change. We meet monthly in a LIVE zoom coaching session where we will uplift and support each other on this journey of transformation. You can make life-long friends and find the inspiration and accountability you need to forge ahead into your future with confidence and courage.


The A Transformed Life Program includes the unique RTT process developed by famed British therapist Marisa Peer. RTT is an amazingly transformational process that gets at the subconscious root of the issues that are holding you back, re-framing them and replacing those old toxic beliefs and thought patterns with new empowering beliefs. By accessing the subconscious mind, RTT is able to create rapid and lasting change.

Learn How To Reprogram Your Subconscious

(LIMITED TIME OFFER) Your Price Today: Only $397!


One of my Core Values is to give help to those who need it. In order to fulfill this goal, I have created tiered pricing for my services and created this immensely valuable and life-changing program to be affordable by all. It is my deepest intention to help as many people as I can to find freedom and peace of mind. If you honestly cannot afford this program, please reach out to me for financial assistance. 


Meghan M.

"The Program was amazing! I was able to get to the root of what was causing me to not be able to break free and move forward. I was so overwhelmed by what I had been going through that I could not see how to change my life. I learned how to reparent myself and heal. I learned how to set goals and create routines. Now I get up each day excited about what I am going to accomplish and where my life is headed."

Kim S.

"Working with Tiffani, I was able to learn new ways to think about my past. Before I felt like I had been through so much from childhood abuse and bullying as a teen that I was just never going to be able to feel good about myself and have the confidence to set and achieve goals. After working with Tiffani I gained the confidence I need to actually go back to college at 37. I am going to finally get my nursing degree!"

Krista L.

"I was caught up in a pattern of dating abusive men and just did not know how to get out of the cycle I was in. One of my friends from work recommended Tiffani, and I gave her a call I knew right away after talking with her just 5 minutes that she could help me. She knew what it was like to go through a lot of hell. She knew what it was like to be put down and mistreated. But she had risen above it and she made me realize that I could do the same. I learned how to shift my mindset, truly love myself and concentrate on my future. Amazingly my energy changed and I am no longer attracted to toxic men, and have found an amazing and loving partner. "

Monica B.

"Honestly I felt completely defeated by life before I met Tiffani. My home health business had failed and the financial stress was destroying my marriage. My mom could see I was becoming more and more depressed about my life and anxious about my future so she wanted to hire a life coach for me. I did my research and after talking to Tiffani, I knew she could help me. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to make shifts in my beliefs and mindset working with her. "

Here Is What You Will Learn Week by Week...

Here is what you will find inside the 9-Week “ATL” Course...

Each of the nine modules are designed to transform your mindset at a subconscious level and give you life skills and strategies that you will use the rest of your life to help you reach new levels of success in every area of your life. Learn the 11 Core Life Principles that will transform every area of your life!


Identify what has been holding you back from consistently having peace of mind and feeling happy. You’ll be surprised! It is not what you think!


Re-frame and heal the pain from your past, deleting old programming that is still affecting your life today and preventing you from moving forward.


Free yourself from that inner critic in your head and learn to encourage yourself.


Learn true self-acceptance. Gain the freedom to finally love yourself and be comfortable living life as your true, authentic self.


Free yourself from the cognitive distortions that have been creating stress and anxiety and keeping you from experiencing peace in your daily life. Learn how to enjoy each present moment!


Learn how to connect with your inner wisdom so you can be guided and directed… with clarity and purpose.


Stop letting fear sidetrack you from achieving your goals. Develop an Empowered Mindset that will give you the confidence and courage to become the person you want to be and create the future you desire.


Learn to focus on solutions and not problems by learning Core Life Strategies that will help you organize your life for success, avoid overwhelm, and maintain momentum.


Learn how to confidently connect with others. In this module, you will gain the personal power you need to create the kind of relationships you’ve only dreamed of. You will develop the courage to stand up for yourself and speak your truth.

What Results Can You Expect By Enrolling Into The Course?


You'll Know Exactly How To…

Defeat the past programming that holds you back from achieving the goals you’ve never been able to hit…

Possess the inner strength to stand strong in even the most difficult times….

Truly love yourself and feel genuine self-acceptance. Feel what it’s like to live life authentically…

Have peace of mind on a daily basis to effortlessly move through your day without stress and anxiety…

Organize your life to maximize time and energy, getting more done without the usual overwhelm.

Face and overcome your fears, enabling you to create a life of courage, confidence, and GRIT.

Develop the mental toughness you need to finally stand up for yourself and create the life you want.

Create confident connections with other people that enhance your interpersonal life, career, business, and especially your romantic relationships…

Are you ready to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE? Are You Committed To Change?

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"To shift your life in a desired direction, you must powerfully shift your subconscious".
- Kevin Michel

NOW is the time for YOU to TRANSFORM your Life!

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Are you committed to change? Are you ready to live A TRANSFORMED LIFE?

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