When You Are Just Overwhelmed…

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I have many people contact me every month for help with anxiety, depression, addictions, ect. They feel so so overwhelmed by life and their issues feel so hopeless. 

They will say things like…

– I have so many problems.
– I am so damaged by trauma.
– I am not sure I can be fixed. 
– My therapist/counselor said I will always struggle with this. 
– I am just broken.
– I don’t even no where to start. I am so overwhelmed. 

I love to be able to offer people like this hope….

No matter how long you have struggled or how complex your issues seem, you really only have ONE PROBLEM. Yes, you read that correctly. You don’t have 6 problems, or 4 problems, or even 2 problems. You are struggling with one – single –  problem, and THAT problem is causing all the other problems you are facing. 

Your problem is your thoughts. 

– At the root of your harmful habits and behaviors, you will discover a mindset.
– Your mindset is made of of your thoughts.
– The foundations for your thoughts are you beliefs

What you believe about yourself, your life, your world… that determines the entire trajectory of your life. You will develop a pattern of thought and behavior based on those subconscious beliefs. Often you are unaware of the beliefs you hold deep within your subconscious mind. They lie below the level of your awareness and govern how you experience your emotions and navigate your life. 

So how do you know if your subconscious beliefs are problematic?

Take a look at your behavior. 

– If you continue to involve yourself in situations or relationships that are not good for you, your subconscious beliefs are the problem.
– If you continue to harm yourself or others with compulsive habits or actions, your subconscious beliefs are the problem. 
– If you lack the confidence to move forward in your life or career,  your subconscious beliefs are the problem. 
– If you regularly struggle with uncomfortable emotions or looping, negative thoughts, your subconscious beliefs are the problem. 

Many people find that are struggling in multiple areas and they feel so defeated and broken. But you are not broken! You do not need to be fixed! There is nothing wrong with you!


Your thinking comes from your subconscious beliefs. That is why it is so difficult for people to change… because they are trying to create lasting change by working with the conscious mind. 

Thankfully you are not one of those people. With the ATL Program, you are learning the tools and techniques to create change for yourself on a subconscious level. At that level, you are creating permanent and lasting change.

– You are annihilating your limiting beliefs!
– Smashing through emotional obstacles!
– Breaking chains from the past!
– Creating a compelling vision for the future!

You are learning tools and processes that will empower you for the rest of your life. So, I just wanted to encourage you today… REMEMBER… when you feel overwhelmed..


– You are not a bad person.
– You are not damaged and broken.
– You have the capacity for change built into how your mind operates.

These things may be difficult.. but when your beliefs changes, and your thinking becomes empowered… you possess the clarity of mind and the sense of agency to find solutions and rise above it all.

Because you believe in yourself and your own capabilities!

Transformational Hypnosis can break through your limiting subconscious beliefs and set you FREE!

Tiffani Cappello CHt, RTT, NLP

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