Your Brain Is Not Broken 


If you’ve been struggling to overcome anxiety, for any length of time… It’s difficult not to get discouraged. 

Maybe you’ve tried several different medication’s and either haven’t worked or after a while, they just start to lose their effectiveness. 

Now, while medications can be helpful in your journey to resolving your anxiety, they don’t ultimately deal with the root cause of your anxiety. 

And until you discover why your subconscious mind is sending anxiety, your mind will likely keep sending it.

Your mind is creating a pattern of anxiety in your life because it believes you are not safe. The human mind is all about safety. That means keeping you safe and making sure you stay alive. 

So from the standpoint of your mind, your anxiety is there to protect you. 

It’s when you discover why your mind feels like it needs to protect you that you can make changes in your subconscious thinking that will bring you freedom. 

Because a brain feels you are not safe, is going to continue to keep you on high alert to ensure that you stay both psychologically and physically well. 

So you say your brain is not broken. It doesn’t need to be fixed. Your brain has a good reason for creating this anxiety.

There are generally three reasons the brain will create those uncomfortable feelings of anxiety. 

  1. There’s something in your past that hasn’t healed and your brain is convinced that you are still unsafe, because you were in unsafe in the past. Give examples.
  2. There’s something in your present life that needs to change. In other words, you genuinely aren’t safe right now. And your mind is trying to get you to take action. Give examples.
  3. You have developed habits of fearful and negative thinking, and these habits are convincing your mind that you are not safe. Give examples.

So you see, your brain is not sending anxiety because it’s broken or something is wrong with you. Your brain is acting just the way it should. Your brains primary goal is to keep you safe.

So let’s stop trying to fight against your anxiety and let’s stop being angry that your brain is reacting this way and realize that this protective brain is a gift. 

You can actually work with this wonderful brain that you have. You can discover why the brain is sending these messages of anxiety and in doing so, you can recover from your anxiety. 

But the answer is not just finding out why your brain is anxious, but providing your brain with a new message… With the truth, that you are now safe. 

Because sometimes the brain just get stuck in a fearful pattern, and continues to believe that you are not currently safe because you were not safe in the past. 

Your brain was literally programmed by stress or trauma to be anxious. But here’s the good news…

Your brain is always learning and changing. And because of this, you can learn new ways of thinking. 

What can be programmed into the brain can be programmed out of the brain. You can get rid of your anxiety! 

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